Monday, October 19, 2015

Looking for Solutions

I teach math, for years I have taught math.  This year, I also teach Spanish.  I absolutely LOVE teaching my Spanish class.  Why?  My Spanish students believe they CAN LEARN Spanish!  What about my math students?  They are convinced that MATH IS TOO HARD!  Wow, what a difference.  It is really hard to change that conviction.

So, I am looking for solutions.  I know they have this great need to be social, to talk, to work together.  I know that they can learn.  I know I must make it somehow more relevant and fun.

Strange, for me, learning was the fun.  Knowing something today that I did not know yesterday just seemed the right thing to do.  I struggle with the apparent apathy of my students.

So, I search for solutions.  I love the idea of "gamifying", but I cannot seem to find the time.  I have my own daughter, my own life as well.

Little things work for a while:   group worksheets that are easier to do with a "trick", poster sized worksheets, movement.  But I believe that the problem is intrinsic ... many of our lost students have lost the desire to learn.

That is my dilemma, and my challenge.

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